Offer Customer Support
that exceeds your customer's expectations!

Customer support = Sales

Sales will win you the first deal. Your Customer Support Experience decides the next sale. Create a NextGen 'support' experience with the Attendme App that allows customers to log, track and resolve their service tickets with just a scan. The status of service tickets is updated automatically, as it progresses, keeping the customers happy, and service teams alert, all the time. Well, customer support need not be so complicated, after all!

  • Universal platform to raise instant tickets for any equipment or service
  • Instant service ticket with Email and SMS integration
  • Free for Life-time App for your customers
  • Transparent, real-time alerts for customers, support teams and management

How it Works?

Create Attendme QR ID

Attendme generates a unique QR Code for every equipment

Scan QR ID from Attendme App

To raise Service tickets, users scan the unique QR Code, from the Attendme App

Experience the difference with Attendme

The App automates every task in service, from updating manufacturers, intimating their Service team and sending a confirmation back to the customers.


Attendme is revolutionizing service delivery across multiple industries. From consumer goods to machine tools, Attendme enables hassle free service experience for customers.

  • Eliminates 'wait-time' in customer support with instant updates
  • Constantly updates everyone, from ticket generation to its resolution
  • Automates service related updates by pushing tasks at every point
  • Offers data-driven insights to improve Customer 'Service' experience

Why Attendme

Attendme is a first of its kind, patent pending solution with Cloud, Email and SMS Support for instant service ticket delivery.

  • Direct connect between manufacturers and users
  • Structured information on services required, captured at its source
  • Seamless, faster and precise reporting and resource allocation
  • Futuristic platform with Service analytics, integrated payment gateway and more...

Commercial Infrastructure

Tag your UPS, HVAC, Energy Meters, Coffee Machines, Water Filters and any other asset with Attendme QR ID and instantly raise service tickets for your Facility Management Team.

On-site/Remote Equipment

Power to the operator, to raise a service ticket, even from the remotest of the locations. Cut down all the time, ensure precise communication and update both the service team and customers, instantly.


In case of an issue, raise service ticket from Attendme App and intimate the Machine or Equipment manufacturer instantly. Reduce downtime, book spares, get reminders on AMCs and much more with the simple Attendme App.

Consumer Goods

Switch to Attendme and never miss an opportunity to delight the consumer. Get your customers to register their service tickets instantly. Ensure hassle free, seamless communication with the consumers till the ticket is closed.


From consumer goods to super specialty equipment, Attendme can be easily adapted for use in any type of industry that requires after sales customer service or support. What's more? With just a scan from the cellphone to raise the service ticket, end user is empowered like never before.

Super Specialty Devices

When in doubt, just scan! Offer super efficient customer support for specialty devices through instant update. Keep everyone who matters in the loop through emails and SMS, till the issue is resolved.

Utility Equipment

From Elevators, electricals to vehicles, ensure you are always in reach of your customers with Attendme. Whether its an emergency or just a small query, offer best response times to Customer's service tickets, using Attendme.

Critical Assets

Eliminate every second lost in communicating a problem or malfunction of any critical asset. Anyone with the Attendme App can scan the Attendme QR Id on the equipment to raise ticket.

Day-to-day Devices

Make searching for a product manual, customer support number on the internet, purchase bills etc. a thing of the past with Attendme. Offer the NextGen customer support with new, next gen features in your products.