Attendme's fresh approach is revolutionizing the after sales service experience.

If you are a equipment user, you can download and use the Attendme App available on the google playstore for free. You can use the app to scan the QR Id and log your service tickets for any equipment that comes with the Attendme QR Id.

If you are a manufacturer of equipment or devices, you can register with Attendme and purchase the Attendme Ids for your equipment. Your customers can then download the Attendme App and use the unique Attendme QR Id on the equipment to log tickets.
The Attendme QR Id helps to identify the equipment in the Attendme App. The QR Id stores all the vital information of the equipment, such as Sr. No., Make, Installation Date, User/Operator Manuals etc. as uploaded by the manufacturer. In simple words, Attendme QR Id is like an Unique Identity Number of your equipment.
Equipment will hold a badge, that prominently displays the Attendme QR Id, on an easily accessible face or side.
Yes. Typically, in such cases, the Attendme QR Id badge can be tagged to some accessory or document that provides reference to the equipment. (For ex. Control Panel, Invoice, Report Pad etc.)
Equipment manufacturers register with Attendme and are provided with an web enabled platform to receive, track and process service tickets. The Manufacturers can assign service engineers/personnel from the portal and also update customers.
Get in touch with the manufacturer to request for the feature.