Case Study

Artech Welders

Artech Welders is India’s largest manufacturer of Capacitor Discharge Welding Machines. With over 3500+ installations across 15 industries, Artech’s service base is spread across India.

Attendme has helped us to bring down the service cost and yet improve the customer experience in service delivery. Above all, its an instant success.

Gautam Khare
MD, Artech Welders Pvt. Ltd.


With a unique technology, comes the responsibility to service it as quickly as possible. Artech has an installed base of several thousand machines. Typically, Artech's machines are known for long lasting duty. Providing effective customer support, cost-efficiently, was a huge challenge. Scheduling the Service team, monitoring prompt response to customer's service tickets was another challenge.

Artech understood the importance of prompt response to its customers on service related issues. Attendme helped Artech to connect to customers unlike never before, through instant updates and completely transparent system. With Attendme, Artech was also able to schedule its service team to effectively serve the customers.


Up to 30% time savings in telephonic service call scheduling with significant improvement in service personnel utilisation.

Above all, its an instant success